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Minocycline may be used in the treatment of tetracycline-resistant acne.

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SUNARICS.MMITICS.SMILETICG.ZPAVLOVICA.NNASKOVIC-DJOKICDDetermination of doxycycline in pharmaceuticals based on its degradation by Cu(IIH 2 O 2 reagent in aqueous solutionJAnalChem.v.64p.231-2372009Links

Sassman and Lee2005investigated the main mechanism involved in cation exchange and adsorption potentialThey observed that pH influenced the cation exchange capacity of the predominant minerals in the soil matrix.

Reyes et al2006compared the efficiency of the removal of tetracycline in aqueous suspensions of TiO 2 irradiated with three different light sourcesa UV lampnatural solar light and a UV-A lampNo significant degradation observed when the irradiation was performed in the absence of TiO 2It was observed 50degradation of the drug in the presence of 0.5 g/L of TiO 2 in times of 1020 and 120 minutes for the UV lampnatural solar light and UV-A lamprespectivelyHoweverall the residues obtained through the 3 different treatments retained their bactericidal activity.

The photolysis of antibiotics by solar radiation in the environment can occur in two waysAndreozzi et al 2003directthrough the absorption of radiation by the drug moleculeindirectlythrough the photosensibilisation of the molecule by natural componentssuch as nitrate and humic acidswhich under solar irradiation can generate strong oxidizing species such as hydroxyl radicals and Singlet oxygen.

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the medication is available under a variety of trade names including the name of the active substance, tetracycline.


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